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I hike and backpack quite a bit and I started recoding my hikes more regularly in summer 2020, so I made trailTracker to easily visualize my hikes and travels. This page contains data about all of my recorded hikes, including statistics, plots, and pictures. Statistics and measurements on this page are only an estimate of my actual travels, as GPS measurements are typically noisy, especially in altitude. Similar to the rest of my website, this page is not mobile-optimized.

My partner and I both have Earth science backgrounds, so we enjoy finding geologically interesting outcrops on our hikes. Because of this, you'll likely find some cool geology pictures embedded in our hiking pages :)

Source code

The source code for generating these webpages from gpx data is available at https://github.com/sygreer/trailTracker. The maps are made using Leaflet, and also rely on modified versions of Leaflet GPX and EXIF to GeoJSON. On each hike's page, the data are processed in Python primarily using gpxpy and are plotted using Plotly.

Favorite hikes

My favorite hikes in Oregon are probably in the Wallowa Mountains, with recorded hikes of a one-night backpacking trip to Ice Lake and Matterhorn and a three-night backpacking trip to Lakes Basin, with day trips to Eagle Cap and Glacier Lake. Closer to Eugene, OR, I especially enjoyed Jefferson Park, Tam McArthur Rim to Broken Top, Canyon Creek Meadows, Chambers Lakes, Strawberry Lakes, and the famous McKenzie River Trail.



I made a few maps for the backpacking trips which required more planning using Caltopo, which are available for download here.

Number of Nights Download
McKenzie River Trail
2 Map (pdf)
Profile (pdf)
Ice Lake and Matterhorn
1 Map (pdf)
Lakes Basin and Eagle Cap