Trail tracker

An interactive map with pictures, statistics, and visualizations of my recorded hikes. The package is available on GitHub here.

Matrix Visualization

See the effects of a 2x2 matrix transformation by inputting different values in the matrix. Displays eigenvalues, eigenvectors, and the determinant.

Interactive Voronoi diagram

A small interactive Voronoi Diagram using different metrics. Add points to the diagram and change the metric to see how it affects the result.

Newton's method visualization

A visualization of the Newton-Raphson method for finding roots. Click on the graph to select a starting guess, and see the iterations of the method as it converges (or fails to converge) to a solution.

Open source projects

I have contributed to the following open source projects:

DPFEHM.jl: A differentiable subsurface flow simulator in Julia

SoapySDR.jl: A Julia wrapper for SoapySDR to enable software-defined radio processing in Julia

Madagascar: A package for reproducible geophysical data processing