Mathematical Visualizations

Here are some potentially useful visualizations I have made in Processing (a Java-based programming language focused on graphics) that work in-browser with JavaScript using Processing.js. I have included the source code for each project on their respective pages. They have all been developed and tested in Arch Linux and Ubuntu Linux 16.04, but should work in any OS unless otherwise stated.

All content on this site licensed under GPLv3.

Matrix Visualization

See the effects of a 2x2 matrix transformation by inputting different values in the matrix. Displays eigenvalues, eigenvectors, and the determinant.

Interactive Voronoi Diagram

A small interactive Voronoi Diagram using different metrics. Add points to the diagram and change the metric to see how it affects the result.

Newton's Method Visualization

A visualization of the Newton-Raphson method for finding roots. Click on the graph to select a starting guess, and see the iterations of the method as it converges (or fails to converge) to a solution.



A Julia wrapper for SoapySDR to enable software-defined radio (SDR) processing in Julia. It is still under development and will likely be restructured soon. See this Jupyter notebook for an example.

This was a final project for 18.337/6.338 at MIT Fall 2018.

Import documents in Zim

I take class notes using Zim Desktop Wiki, which are available on my notes page. Although Zim is probably the best note-taking application natively on Linux, it doesn't have an easy way to insert external files. In order to take notes on my professors' presentation slides in Zim, I made this Bash script, which can be added to Zim using a custom tool, to easily and quickly inserts documents of many file formats into Zim pages as a collection of PNGs.


Just open this page and click around :)